Sullair introduced the first rotary screw air compressor back in 1965. Since then, the manufacturer has been at the forefront of rotary screw air compressor technology.

Sullair Oil Free Air Compressors

All of the quality you can expect from Sullair, with certified Class 0 oil free air.


Corken is a global leader in Industrial Compression & Pumping Systems in the Process Gas Industries, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industry, Process Gas Industry, Petrochemical & Chemical Industries, and the Transport Industry.


Compressed Air System Products are available for a range of industrial applications.

Bauer Compressors

With air cooled, continuous duty rated systems from 1.5-150 HP and water-cooled, continuous duty systems from 40-400 HP, BAUER can provide a complete turnkey system for almost any high pressure air demand.