Compressing the finer things: Compressed air in wine-making

When we imagine the finer things, we rarely picture a 2000 HP Centrifugal air compressor.  Well, if you do, you likely don’t talk about it in public. Often times, a nice bottle or glass of wine accompanies this image of luxury.  While air compressors specifically may not come to mind, wine enthusiasts often discuss the… Read more »

Is a Backup Air Compressor Really Necessary?

Manufacturers and compressed air professionals do their best to ensure that your compressed air system is an unsinkable ship.  But, the reality is that nothing is perfect; and your compressed air system is no different. Your primary compressor system can go offline for a number of reasons. Some of these include: Unforeseen maintenance requirements Foreseen… Read more »

Energy efficiency, compressed: Optimizing your compressed air system

Did you know that 10% of a facility’s electric bill costs are associated with operating their compressed air system? For a lot of you, the answer from personal experience is a resounding “YES!”. So, we’ve gathered advice from our professionals at Blake & Pendleton to offer you the best energy-savvy, money-saving tips that will add… Read more »

Desiccant Compressed Air Dryers: What are they, how do I know if I need one, and how do I choose?

Compressed air dryers are used to remove moisture and residual contaminates after its journey through the air compressor.  While air compressors do have their own moisture and particle removing features, a dryer is used as a follow-up to that process to ensure that clean air is available at a desired pressure dew point. The required… Read more »

Compressed Air Condensate: What It Is & How to Prevent It from Becoming an Environmental Issue

If there’s one thing that can put a damper on your operations, it’s compressed air condensate.  From understanding your compressed air lubricant to knowing the proper methods of disposal for condensate discharge, working out the details can seem like a hassle. One thing is for certain: compressed air condensate requires attention. And it’s important to… Read more »

Vacuum Pump Basics: Things to Consider if You’re in the Market

All information and answers provided by Mr. Dan Botts, a Blake & Pendleton partner, vacuum pump expert and author of Industrial Vacuum 101: The Basics of Vacuum Technology. The applications of vacuum pump technology are countless; they include everything from medical suction in a surgical room to moving large masses of material throughout warehouses and… Read more »

Celebrating Blake & Pendleton’s 50th Anniversary!

History From pumps to air compressors and bell bottoms to pleated dress pants, Blake & Pendleton has been there through it all.  And we’re ecstatic to celebrate our 50th anniversary of servicing the compressed air industry this year! First established in 1971, Blake & Pendleton began when Walter Blake and Bob Pendleton had a vision… Read more »

Compressed Air Lubricants

Compressed Air Lubricants: The Secret To Your Compressor Going the Distance

Compressed air lubricants hold the fate of your air end, cooler, and the life of your compressor in its oily gallons.  So, when choosing a lubricant with so much at stake, it’s vital that you don’t cut corners. Consider all that a lubricant needs to manage: filter contaminates like dirt and water brought in from… Read more »

Why You Should Have A Service Agreement with Blake & Pendleton: Q & A

An easy way to ensure that your compressed air systems are being properly maintained is to have a service agreement with qualified compressor professionals.  Not all service agreements are cut from the same cloth, so it’s important to choose your provider with care to make sure that your equipment is getting the attention it needs…. Read more »