Where to start when you’re in the market for an air compressor

Air compressor shopping can be a daunting task; they are a staple in manufacturing and industrial processes and also account for a huge portion of your energy expenses. Throw in the countless compressor options that are on the market and you’ve got a recipe for decision paralysis! While we can’t tell you exactly which air… Read more »

Compressed air terminology: ACFM vs. SCFM

On the surface, the question seems simple: How much air does my compressor put out? But online search engines and even that compressor guy up the street start throwing terms around like ACFM and SCFM and they frankly sound about the same; some sites or people may even use them interchangeably. So, what’s the deal? … Read more »

Quality and Compliance: Good Manufacturing Practices & Your Compressed Air System

In the realm of manufacturing, maintaining high product quality and safety standards is paramount. This pursuit is fortified by adherence to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP), a set of guidelines that ensure consistent product quality and safety. One aspect of CGMP often overlooked is the management of compressed air systems. Used in a wide array… Read more »

Food Grade Lubricants: The Bare Necessities

If you’ve been searching the web for information on food grade lubricants, you may have ended up more confused on their requirements than when you started. Indeed, there are thousands of search results that claim to have the answers, but many of them contradict themselves and one another. To dispel some of the confusion, we… Read more »

Compressed air can be fun?! 6 Uses of Compressed Air That You Might Not Know About

Most people in industrial fields are aware that compressed air plays a role in product manufacturing, packaging, transport, and more. But, have you ever stopped to wonder about the fun or interesting uses of compressed air?  Well, so have we!  So, we’ve compiled a short list of some lesser-known uses of compressed air. Rollercoasters If… Read more »

The Secret to a Thriving Agricultural Market: Compressed Air

When you envision a thriving agricultural market, compressed air may not be among your primary imagery. But, what if I told you that compressed air powers the wheel that makes that world go round? Air compressors can be found in most large production and manufacturing facilities worldwide.  Agriculture-based locations are no different and greatly rely… Read more »

Compressed Air Energy Resolution: New Year, New Goals

All over the world, businesses and individuals alike partake in kicking off a new year by setting new personal goals.  These goals often revolve around the worthy endeavors of achieving overall wellness or reaching financial milestones. But what about energy goals?  Yeah, it’d be nice to have energy abounding without needing an espresso pick-me-up. But… Read more »

Baby, it’s cold outside (the compressed air version)

It really can’t wait (Baby it’s cold outside) Compressed air can’t sustain (Baby it’s cold outside) At these freezing temps (I wish that they could) Without causing chaos for your team (I’ll call Blake & Pendleton right now) Alright, alright.  There’s a reason we aren’t in the song writing business. But we are in the… Read more »

Compressed Air & the Power of a Horse

If you are well-versed in compressed air lingo, you have probably heard terms like, ‘horsepower’, ‘dew point’, ‘CFM’, ‘air compressor’, and more. At Blake & Pendleton, we use many of these terms on a daily basis and advise our customers in a plethora of areas that depend on each of these things. But, have you… Read more »

Compressing the finer things: Compressed air in wine-making

When we imagine the finer things, we rarely picture a 2000 HP Centrifugal air compressor.  Well, if you do, you likely don’t talk about it in public. Often times, a nice bottle or glass of wine accompanies this image of luxury.  While air compressors specifically may not come to mind, wine enthusiasts often discuss the… Read more »