Sullair’s Electronic Spiral Valve: How this capacity control method is shaping the compressed air industry

When it comes to air capacity control, there’s no shortage of options on the table.  But when deciding what your best fit is, there’s only one consideration: efficiency. What control system will offer you the best outcome while costing you the least to operate? The answer can be found in Sullair’s Electronic Spiral Valve.  But… Read more »

Compressed Air Audits

Compressed Air Audits: The Essential Step You Might be Missing

What size air compressor does our facility need?  How much is our company spending to operate our compressed air system?  If you’ve asked these questions in the past, you’re not alone.  These are some of the most common questions large manufacturing facility operators face, typically followed by another:  Can we reduce the cost of our… Read more »

South-Tek Systems Nitrogen Generator

Reasons to Switch From a Nitrogen Tank to a Nitrogen Generator

All industrial businesses that rely on nitrogen tanks have one thing in common: they’re sick and tired of paying excessive fees for maintenance and nitrogen refills.  It’s not only costly, but relying on third party nitrogen suppliers can cause undue operation challenges that result in inconsistencies and production delays. In addition to absurdly high costs,… Read more »

Compressed Air Lines

Water in Your Air Lines: How to Address and Prevent Moisture Issues

So, you’ve got water in your compressed air lines. Water collection is a common issue at many facilities. If left untreated, the water can cause rust to build up on valves, damaging expensive equipment and compromising your compressed air quality. To correct it, and to prevent recurring water issues, it’s important to understand where all… Read more »