Compressed Air Lubricants

Compressed Air Lubricants: The Secret To Your Compressor Going the Distance

Compressed air lubricants hold the fate of your air end, cooler, and the life of your compressor in its oily gallons.  So, when choosing a lubricant with so much at stake, it’s vital that you don’t cut corners. Consider all that a lubricant needs to manage: filter contaminates like dirt and water brought in from… Read more »

Why You Should Have A Service Agreement with Blake & Pendleton: Q & A

An easy way to ensure that your compressed air systems are being properly maintained is to have a service agreement with qualified compressor professionals.  Not all service agreements are cut from the same cloth, so it’s important to choose your provider with care to make sure that your equipment is getting the attention it needs…. Read more »

AirSequal: Compressed Air Automation With Remarkable ROI

AirSequal compressor automation reaches new heights in automation capabilities and redefines what energy efficiency looks like. Using standard Allen Bradley hardware, AirSequal achieves optimum productivity at an ROI that makes it affordable for every facility. Lead Compressor Rotation Checking all the boxes in compressor scheduling, AirSequal allows you to create a compressor rotation based on… Read more »

Air Compressors: The ins and outs of how these energy-converting machines work

So, you’ve been asked to purchase or repair an air compressor for your facility.  You know, that noisy square box in the corner with the pipe connected to it.  The box that everyone ignores until it stops running!  Ever wondered what is actually going on inside that mysterious box to make it so important?  While… Read more »

Centrifugal Air Compressor

Why Should I Consider a Centrifugal Air Compressor?

If you’ve been around the compressor block a time or two, you may have heard of Centrifugal air compressors before.  These extra-large, energy-converting machines are well known for their efficiency and size. If your facility production requires 500 HP or more, you should be considering a Centrifugal air compressor. Efficiency meets power Centrifugal air compressor… Read more »

Sullair Compressed Air Equipment

Winter Temps & Your Compressed Air Equipment: the Do’s for Surviving the Season

Winter brings an air of excitement, holiday cheer, and the accomplishment of another year.  But, it also brings cold weather.  And if there are two things that don’t go well together, it’s freezing temperatures and your compressed air equipment. When heading into the chillier season, there are simple steps you should take to ensure that… Read more »

Used compressed air equipment

Used Compressed Air Equipment: things to consider & benefits of buying used

Used compressed air equipment; it’s an option that is often overlooked by companies in the market for a new system.  But should it be? Yeah, we know, you’re thinking “used equipment”? We’re not endorsing the equivalent of old hand-me-downs from your next-door neighbor.  We’re talking about purchasing top-of-line, refurbished, and trusted equipment from a company… Read more »

Sullair’s Electronic Spiral Valve

Sullair’s Electronic Spiral Valve: How this capacity control method is shaping the compressed air industry

When it comes to air capacity control, there’s no shortage of options on the table.  But when deciding what your best fit is, there’s only one consideration: efficiency. What control system will offer you the best outcome while costing you the least to operate? The answer can be found in Sullair’s Electronic Spiral Valve.  But… Read more »

Compressed Air Audits

Compressed Air Audits: The Essential Step You Might be Missing

What size air compressor does our facility need?  How much is our company spending to operate our compressed air system?  If you’ve asked these questions in the past, you’re not alone.  These are some of the most common questions large manufacturing facility operators face, typically followed by another:  Can we reduce the cost of our… Read more »