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Sullair RDHL Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers


RDHL Desiccant Heatless Series

Rated at -40°F (-40°C) dew point at 100 psig (6.9 bar), these dryers are mounted on draggable skids with air-in, air-out out, and power connections. Their rugged design makes them well-suited for the punishing rental industry. Pre-filter with DP gauge protects desiccant bed from oil and particulate contamination. After-filter with DP gauge removes dust and desiccant fines from the final air system.

  • 80 – 10,000 cfm flow range
  • Heatless Modular desiccant air dryers from 3 – 240 cfm
  • Heatless Twin Tower desiccant air dryers from 80 – 5000 cfm
  • Heated desiccant air dryers from 200 – 3500 cfm
  • Heated Blower Purge dryers from 500 – 10,000 cfm
  • Heat of Compression dryers from 500 – 20,000 cfm


600-2050 cfm


100-175 psi


  • 600 to 2050 scfm (17.0 to 58.0 m3/min, 283 to 967 L/s)
  • 100 to 175 psig (6.9 to 12.1 bar)


  • Rated at -40°F dew point at 100 psig (-40°C dew point at 6.9 bar)
  • Dryer mounted on draggable skid with air-in, air-out, and power connections
  • Rugged design suited for the rental industry
  • Choice of 24 VDC or 115 VAC models
  • Mounted pre-filter with DP gauge to protect desiccant bed from oil and particulate contamination
  • Mounted after-filter with DP gauge to remove dust and desiccant fines from final air system
  • Ball float drain standard on pre-filter
  • NEMA 4 electrics for outdoor operation
  • Fail-safe valves so flow will not be interrupted should the dryer shutdown
  • Maximum operating pressure: 175 psig (12.1 bar)
  • ASME VIII coded pressure vessels with 1/16-inch (1.55 mm) corrosion allowance
  • High-impact scratch- and corrosion-resistant acrylic polyurethane paint

Products and Features may vary, please contact your local distributor for more information about what is available in your region.


  • Pneumatic controls available at an additional charge
  • Low ambient option available for below freezing applications
  • Four (4) point lifting provisions


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