At Blake & Pendleton, our commitment to compliance is unparalleled. We strive to uphold full compliance of applicable OSHA and MSHA standards.

We feel that in order to maintain compliance, a safety mindset is needed. Compliance is a byproduct of safety; when a company embeds safety into its culture, compliance with applicable standards is an end result.

So, what is a safety mindset? To us, it’s a company where each and every member not only works with safe and compliant measures, but also helps fellow workers stay safe and compliant. This includes:

  • Scoping out applicable OSHA and MSHA standards, ensuring that each worker is fully aware of the on-job requirements.
  • Ensuring that all our employees are properly trained and PPE is worn at all required times during the job.
  • Employees helping their fellow workers stay safe on the job, including reporting any unsafe work practices.
  • Development of supervisors that ensure worker safety and provide workers with the ability to express any concerns or make recommendations.
  • Frequent review of company safety policies, factoring in any valid recommendations to evolve with industry safety requirements.
  • Our Company works with many online vetting software systems ISNETWORLD, Browz, Avetta to name a few. We believe in being prepared and keeping the working environment safe.

Blake & Pendleton work practices are to be safe, efficient, and fully compliant.